Sueños de México

Dreams of Mexico...

As the title of this series already says, these are not meant to be documentary images that show what the country and its people look like. Instead, they resemble fragments from a dream. Something you might see clearly while asleep but that is beginning to fade as soon as you wake up, and after a while, all you are left with is an impression, an emotion. That is what I am after: To capture the essence, be it of a building, a street, or a person.

To enhance the dreamlike quality of these pictures, I use techniques such as vignetting and diffusion. Unnecessary details are obliterated, areas of interest are emphasized.

All images in this series are available as platinum/palladium prints of approximately 7½ x 7½". They are corner-tabbed to 14 x 18" archival mountboard and overmatted with a matching window mat.

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