Print Information

My platinum/palladium prints are made using the highest-quality materials available.

I print on the finest papers, my top choice being Arches Platine, a specially formulated platinum printing paper from France. All prints are corner mounted onto archival mountboard and then overmatted with a matching archival window mat.

Most prints are 8x10" mounted to 14x18".

Print Pricing

Prints are in editions of 25.

Prices for 8x10" prints:

Prints 1-4: $200
Prints 5-9: $300
Prints 10-14: $500
Prints 15-19: $750
Print 20: $1000
Print 20: $TBD
Print 20: $TBD
Print 20: $TBD
Print 20: $TBD

Pricing for 4x5" prints starts at $100 and for 5x7" prints at $125.

Shipping is $15 for the first print, $5 for each additional print.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please e-mail me at

Thank you very much!