I've been actively involved in photography since the early 1990s. I started out focusing on the 'grand landscape'' and nature untouched by the hand of man, but over the years my vison has evolved and now I photographs everything I find beautiful, be it in nature or in the middle of an urban area.

Originally a color photographer, I switched almost entirely to black and white. My passion is platinum/palladium printing, a medium that suits my images perfectly. Platinum/palladium is considered one of the most archival forms of photographic expression, and has long been prized for its beautiful tonal scale and velvety smoothness. The first time I held a platinum/palladium print in my hands, I fell in love, and you will, too!

The platinum/palladium prints I offer are made using the highest-quality materials available. I print on the finest 100% rag papers, my top choice being Arches Platine, a specially formulated platinum printing paper from France. All my prints are corner mounted onto archival mountboard and then overmatted with a matching archival window mat.

Originally from Germany, I now live in Davis, a small college town in California's Central Valley, with my wife, two young daughters, a neurotic Great Dane and two cats named Elvis and Priscilla.

I you have any questions at all, or would like more information, please e-mail me at I'd love to hear from you!

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